1023 Guests Attended November 18th Visitors Art Exhibit


Some things in life are easily measurable.  Things like the number of people in attendance (1023), the number of generators (3), the length of extension cords (3000′), the number of lights (>200), square footage of total event space (75,000), etc.

Other things in life are a bit more difficult to quantify.  Things like joy…art…inspiration…beauty…historic reverence…and the great taste of Jamaican jerked chicken.  These are elements of the human experience that are truly more meaningful than numbers.  All of these are elements experienced as a part of the Visitor Art Exhibition last night at the former Pillsbury Mills site.  The event was a feast for the senses and truly one that will be remembered for years to come. 

Special thanks goes to our resident artists (Shock and Static), Robert Mazrim (Curator/Artistic Coordinator/Artist), and our dedicated team of volunteers.  We could not have asked for a better production team.  

Finally, thanks to all who attended and donated last night.  Your generosity is very much appreciated!

Chris / Polly / Tony / Team Pillsbury

PS Guided ground-level historic building tours are scheduled for Dec. 2nd at noon and 2:00pm weather permitting.  Have a great Thanksgiving!