300 Attended the Visitors Art Opening Nov 9


The “Visitors” art opening at Pillsbury was a huge success!  300+ people attended the event at Pillsbury on a beautiful Fall evening.  

Moving Pillsbury Forward would like to thank our volunteers, supporters, and artists for bringing together a truly unique and massive event to our community.  The feedback we received last night from the attendees was filled with positivity.  It became clear to us that we were on to something good…something people want to see again.  We will do our best to secure a date for another event in the coming weeks.

We talked to several people that traveled from around the state to attend.  They were very enthusiastic about the breadth of art and the arrangement of galleries.  A special THANK YOU goes to Robert Mazrim, our local on-site curator and art director/coordinator.  We trusted him and the artists involved…and they produced something that was simply spectacular.  

Thanks for being a part of the Pillsbury Project,

Chris / Polly / Tony

PSĀ  Shadow dancing on the silos turned out to be an incredibly fun and interactive element of the show… Brilliant!

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