Community members take action against empty Pillsbury Mills Plant

Community members are pushing for action to take down the old Pillsbury Mills Plant.

Chris Richmond, with the group Moving Pillsbury Forward, says the Springfield plant was built in 1929.

“When this was operating in full capacity, during Pillsbury’s heyday in 1950, there were 1,500 employees working here on a daily basis,” Richmond says.

Now, decades later, the 18 acre facility sits empty.

“The factory was sold in 1991 by Pillsbury. It operated for another ten years, and then was mothballed,” Richmond says. “What we’ve seen over a 20 year period, is the factory itself is deteriorating and unfortunately, the neighborhood and community around the facility is deteriorating as well.”

The community group, Moving Pillsbury Forward, is taking action to get the plant torn down. 

“We’re a group of community volunteers, put together a few months ago, as somewhat of a think tank, to problem solve this big abandoned factory,” Richmond says.

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