Concerns rising over old Pillsbury Plant, city works to find solution

A community is fed up as the Old Pillsbury Mill Factory continues wreaking havoc on their neighborhood.

On Wednesday, a meeting took place in Springfield to find answers.

People who live in the Pillsbury Mill neighborhood said it’s been causing issues for about a multitude of years.

They even said it’s causing constant crime, trespassing and fly-dumping.

The issue with tearing down the building is due to asbestos throughout the building, which means the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency controls it.

The neighborhood association said it’s working with the city to find a solution

“Finally we’re hoping we can get it boarded up and cleaned up a little bit and put a new face on the neighborhood,” said John Keller, the Pillsbury Mill Neighborhood Association president.

During the meeting, community members voiced their concerns and frustrations over the situation.

Former City Fire Marshal Chris Richmond attended the meeting to give a history of the plant and answered all questions.

He said he’s working on creating a community task force dedicated at solving the problem.

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