Moving Pillsbury Forward receives additional funding commitments!


Moving Pillsbury Forward is pleased to announce two additional funding commitments totaling nearly $2,000,000.

On May 25th the USEPA announced an award of nearly $800,000 for cleanup at the Pillsbury site. We applied for this funding in November after our Phase II Environmental Site Assessment and building surveys were completed earlier in the Fall. The surveys allowed us to calculate the amount of remaining asbestos and other contaminants in the buildings. The award will be utilized to complete remediation (contaminate removal) within all remaining buildings at the site.

Over the weekend (May 27th), the State budget passed with $1,200,000 awarded to Moving Pillsbury Forward. These funds will primarily be utilized to continue demolition activities at the site. As the buildings are remediated and demolished, public safety in the area increases and so do the redevelopment opportunities. We appreciate the efforts of Senator Turner in getting this accomplished on behalf of the Greater Springfield community.

Moving Pillsbury forward now has over $6,000,000 in commitments for the project at the Local, State, and Federal levels. In the coming weeks we will continue to raise funds, complete the necessary environmental review process, and prepare bids for remediation and demolition contracts.

Together we are moving forward – THANK YOU!

Chris / Polly / Tony