Please, consider being a part of the Pillsbury Reunion Project!


Moving Pillsbury Forward is actively working to capture the history of the Springfield Pillsbury plant. We have formed a working group for what we are now calling the Pillsbury Reunion Project.

After our April 29th gathering of 34 Pillsbury employees for the group photo on the front lawn it became clear that this is an important aspect of the overall Pillsbury Project. There are hundreds of families in the area that are connected to Pillsbury in various ways. We want to embrace and record the great Pillsbury stories and memories before they are lost.

Here are a few aspects of the Pillsbury Reunion Project we are working on:

Tours — one of the primary things we would like to do is connect with as many former Pillsbury employees as is reasonable and offer small group tours. We would love to walk and talk with the employees to learn more about the site and record their stories. Note: General public tours will resume in the Fall with advanced announcements.

Pictures — if families have pictures of the site and people working at Pillsbury, we would love to have copies. Seniority lists of various years would be great also. We currently have 1946, 1974, 1977, and 1990. We also have the 2007 retiree list.

Memorabilia — we would love to have items to consider loaning for exhibit. Team shirts (bowling, softball, etc.) and other items would be great! We are planning an exhibit for this winter. We are working to identify the right venue and solidify dates.

Gathering — we would love to bring together the former employees for a gathering (maybe a picnic) in the Fall. We are also planning a fundraiser/exhibit/auction for the Fall in the dock area.

Oral Histories — we would love to record a few employees as they talk about their time at Pillsbury.

Timecards — we have a good supply of The Pillsbury Company Springfield Plant timecards for employees and families to have for mementos and scrapbooks.

Bricks — we have a good supply of bricks from the 1929 Warehouse #4. Folks can have as many as they want. We also have a limited supply of engraved bricks with a minimum donation of $20 for each engraved brick.

Please, consider being a part of the Pillsbury Reunion Project.

Here are a few ways to connect with us:

The Pillsbury Reunion Team

A huge thank you goes to local photographer Frank Bowen, who made the following images and gave them to us for use on our website.