Pillsbury Project: 2022 Volunteer Efforts & Thank You!


Moving Pillsbury Forward is incredibly proud of the volunteer efforts and uplifting response the community has provided to the Pillsbury Project.  

These efforts include both on-site (physical efforts at the property) and off-site efforts (research, legal, consulting, communications, fundraising, grant writing, etc.)  

The off-site efforts are tough to measure.  What is the dollar value of good advice from volunteers? Services provided when asked? Encouragement?  Well, we know it has great value…just look at what we have all accomplished!  THANK YOU

The on-site efforts are not as tough to measure.  Attached is the write-up for the on-site efforts at the former Pillsbury property for 2022.  There are three primary areas volunteers focused on between March (when MPF took ownership) and the end of the year: Site clearing, mowing, and building cleanouts.  These efforts have standardized dollar amounts that can be calculated.  MPF volunteers worked on-site in providing a dollar value of $158,000 for the Pillsbury Project in 2022.  Again, THANK YOU

Download the 2022 Volunteer Efforts Write-up…

Yes…It is important to pause and reflect on what we have accomplished together…as a community.  We began the coordinated effort a little over 3 years ago. The community benefits (health, public safety, social & environmental justice, economic) of the Pillsbury Project are nearer to us than at any time in the past 20 years.  We have taken control of what was once thought to be hopeless.  We have moved it ahead…and will continue to do so.  The community benefit is worth the effort!

Chris Richmond
President, Moving Pillsbury Forward