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Pillsbury Project Online Video Listing


Many of us are stuck inside with the cold weather this weekend.  Now may be a good time to view a few Springfield Pillsbury videos.

The Springfield Pillsbury site has several videos that can be readily found on-line.  Many were produced prior to Moving Pillsbury Forward acquiring the property.  Others were produced afterwards but without permission.  The first four on the list were produced as a part of the Pillsbury Project.  The remaining videos are worth a look as well.  They help demonstrate just how far we have come with the project.

Have a warm day!

~ Team Pillsbury

Moving Pillsbury Forward video presentation from August 2022. 
Locally produced award-winning video by The Storyteller Studios.  6-Minutes

Illinois Stories with Mark McDonald
2022 episode 06.  This piece was shot in May 2022. 27-Minutes

Muddy River Gems with Mark McDonald
Jan. 2024.  This piece was shot in November 2023. 34-Minutes


Blaise Aerials
(Springfield area drone services) 4-minute video from August 2023

Lost Vlog. 
7 minutes.  Good quality.  Well done with some drone and great still photos.  Pre-2022 

Drone and walk-through with narration.
23 minutes.  Very high quality.  (S. Illinois trip Part 2) Pre-2022

drone video
4-minute posted 8/5/22 (unknown videographer).  The video was shot in early summer of 2022.

All drone footage.
3 minutes.  July 2020.  Well done. 

UrbEx video 
6 minutes.  Low quality.  A & B Mill footage.  Pre-2022

Good quality with drone footage. 
17 minutes.  Dave and Jeff…crazy silo and water tank climb.  Pre-2022

Taylor Moore LLCC project.   
4 minutes.  2017.  Good history.

Part II of Exploring The Abandoned Pillsbury Factory
 30-minutes Posted July 30, 2022