City of Springfield’s FY24 budget includes $2,000,000 for the Pillsbury Project


Moving Pillsbury Forward is pleased to announce that the City of Springfield’s new fiscal year budget ordinance passed late last night with $2,000,000 included for the Pillsbury Project. The City of Springfield fiscal year (FY24) begins March 1st.

Download the February 22, 2023 Update… (PDF)

We, the MPF Board of Directors, are grateful for your support. Three years ago when we asked community members to consider how they could help advance this project dozens of people responded. Many people gave great advice, actively volunteered, and donated resources to cover needed expenses. Many people gave encouragement and provided inspiration…the necessary fuel needed to carry on…moving this project forward has not been a cakewalk to say the least (the sheer number of lawyers and political folks involved was intimidating!).

We, as a whole community, are getting this needed project done! We moved beyond the hopelessness that existed, we took control of the situation, and we advanced the Pillsbury Project to a much better place. Today we celebrate another milestone advancement for the project. Tomorrow we continue on…with more fuel…and a heightened sense of pride in our community.

Thank you!

Chris Richmond, Polly Poskin, & Tony DelGiorno
Moving Pillsbury Forward